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Gator Step Comfort Decking

Boats and Yachts


Customize your yacht or boat with our comfort decking. Cool to the feet and great traction to stop slips and falls. A perfect surface to walk on and a great customized look for your vessel.  We have many designs and colors to choose from

ATV - UTV - RV- Trailers


Do you want a custom look for you atv, utv or motor home? This is the product to make your vehicle stand out from the rest. Make custom pads for the interior rails. Custom floor mats, rocker panels, overheads on roofs etc. Let your mind go wild with the possibilities.

Trucks and Cars


Get a custom look for your vehicle. Bed liners, arm rests, rocker panels tail gates floor mats etc.

Your vehicle can be a one of a kind with customized interiors and exteriors.

About Gatorstep

What makes us different

Gatorstep was designed to be an alternative to the other marine decking non skid options, it has quickly become the clear choice for anyone wanting a comfortable personalized look. Gatorstep sets itself apart by always looking at creative ways to solve common industry problems as well as consistently coming up with new applications for a product that has proven to be incredibly versatile.

Some of the most common uses for Gatorstep.

swim platform pads- floor decking-storage liner-engine compartments- sound insulation-gunwale pads-bolster pads-helm pads-towers-board racks-cooler pads

Key Benefits:

comfortable-customizable-sound dampening-cool to the touch-brandable-easy care- low maintenance


Gives comfort and style to any application while also protecting the surface it covers from chipping and other damage