The Boat Medic

Mobile boat repair from Chula Vista to Marina Del Rey
Gator step dealer

Rick and Sons

Trusted and Respected in the Boat Repair community.

Rick has been building and repairing yachts and boats for over 40 years.  I am a journeyman in all phases of boat repair. Here are some of my highlights in the boating community:

15 years boat yard manager for Nielsen Beaumont Marine.

10 years custom boat builder for Knight and Carver Custom Yachts

8 Years custom boat builder and vice president of Titan Marine USA

Mercruiser, MAN diesel engine certified,.

National Marine Manufacturer Association speaker  

LOG newspaper writer

Sea magazine Writer

Marine Surveyor

Johnathon Krug has been working with me since he was able to carry a tool box.

Electrician Titan Marine

He took a break and served in the navy where he was a journeyman electrician

Joey Krug works with us as his schedule allows. He is a full time student at Finlandia University on a full-ride scholarship for baseball. When Joe is in town on a break, you will see him on the docks with us helping out and learning the trade.